Thursday, September 30, 2010

My thoughts on “Wild Goose Chase” by Mark Batterson (Part 3)

I am reading “Wild Goose Chase” by Mark Batterson.  Here are my thoughts so far on what I have read…

Chapter One:  Yawning Angels Living a Life of Spiritual Adventure

Mark explains that there are six cages that keep us from living the spiritual adventure God destined us to live.

Cage of responsibility – Over time our important responsibilities become less important and our God given passions are tossed aside.  Our day to day responsibilities begin to consume us completely and we begin to believe that pursuing the passions God has put in our hearts is a less important responsibility.  Chasing after what God has for us and has placed in our hearts is our greatest responsibility. 

Cage of routine – Have you exchanged adventure and excitement for routine?   Having routine in your life isn’t a bad thing; it can be a good thing in most cases.  But how routine are you?  Is your life in such a routine it’s predictable?  Think about it…routine or adventure?  Which one describes your life?  Do you get up, go to work, come home, read your bible, go to church, fix diner, go to bed and repeat?  End of story?  What happens in-between all of the routine?  Any adventure?

Cage of assumptions – When assuming has been replaced with believing we are putting boundaries on what God can do.   We may assume we are too old or too young.  We may assume we are too soon or too late.  We may assume we are not eligible.  If there is anything I have learned so far, it’s to never assume.  Assuming will only hold you back from believing in God and what he can do.

Cage of guilt – The devil wants you to be just as focused on your past as he is.  He doesn’t want you to forget it and would like nothing more than to drain you completely by having you so fixated on what you’ve done wrong that it diminishes your kingdom dreams.

Cage of failure – We try it our way for a little while, but when “our way” fails God can then use that divine delay to get us where He wants us to go.

Cage of fear – we shouldn’t live our lives scared to death for “something” to happen.  We need to go for it with an attacking attitude!  If you are on a football team and you are playing defense, when it’s time to plunge into that player to stop them you aren’t thinking about the “what if’s”…you are going for it with an attacking attitude!  If he decides not to play defense because he is afraid something might happen to him and what if he gets hurt, he is missing out on the game.

Are you living in a cage?  It’s time to come on out of that cage and begin this chase of a life time!

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  1. Linked from Kathy S' blog.

    Which cage do I rattle around in? The cage of the routine.

    Sounds likea good book.