Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My thoughts on “Wild Goose Chase” by Mark Batterson (Part 2)

I am reading “Wild Goose Chase” by Mark Batterson.  Here are my thoughts so far on what I have read…
Chapter One:  Yawning Angels Living a Life of Spiritual Adventure

Life full of excitement and adventure is not living your life in the “safe zone” or the “comfort zone”.  Living a safe, comfortable and predictable life is like sucking your thumb at age 30 years old; just doesn’t make sense.  Maturing spiritually is leaving your security blanket behind.  If you are living your life in the “safe zone” you are a bored Christian according to Mark Batterson, and I have to agree.  Like a animal running free out in the open wild or a bird soaring over the mountain tops doing what it was made to do, we all were made for something more….adventure! 

Compare the animals living in the wild to the ones caged in zoos.  Do you see any difference in the way they live their lives? 

Living in the wild

o   Cheetah’s and mountain lions running full speed chasing after prey
o   Elephant’s and rhinoceros’ roaming and playing out in the open wide spaces. 

Living in a zoo

o   Zebra’s and Giraffe’s sitting in the shade
o   Lion’s and Jaguar’s walking back and forth

Which ones do you think have the most excitement and adventure?

Are you that animal sitting in the shade and the only entertainment during your day is swatting the flies away with your tail and dodging flying peanuts from visitors?  Is that really what you want in life?

We long for adventure in our lives and nothing will satisfy that craving for excitement and adventure until we start chasing that wild goose and step out of that “safe zone” we have been hiding in. 

The rich young ruler that Jesus asked to give up all his possessions and follow Him wouldn’t let go of this security blanket.  His money and many possessions gave him security and he wasn’t willing to step out of that “safe zone” and live a life full of adventure.  He wanted to stay put…comfortable and cozy, holding onto his security blanky.  What he didn’t realize is that he turned down a life full of more excitement and fulfillment than he could ever imagine.  Come on, he gave up a chance to hang out with the Son of God!  Seriously? That sounds nuts to us, but we do the same thing.  When we choose to stay in our “safe zone” and not step out and chase that wild goose we are doing exactly what that rich young ruler did.  We are giving up an opportunity of a life time! 

What’s stopping you from stepping out of your “safe zone”? 

Just like the rich young ruler, Jesus is inviting us for an opportunity of a life time to follow him and live a life worth living.  We can stay cozy and choose not to venture out into the unknown or we can drop that security blanky and start chasing that wild goose!   Don’t chose to stick with safety and predictability rather than the adventure God had destined for you.  It’s not just about an exciting spiritual adventure, more importantly it’s about being a part of something that is much bigger than you and I.  It’s about being apart of changing this world by spreading the word of God.  If we choose to not jump into line to be apart of the kingdom of God, will it stop a mighty work of God?  Would someone miss out on hearting about God or receiving the help they need to be set free?  What will happen if we choose not to chase the wild goose?  What if someone is counting on YOU?

This book has really grabbed a hold of my heart!  I don’t want to miss out on what God has for me and the journey he has destined for my life, but more importantly I don’t want to miss someone who needs to know the life changing truth!  I want to jump in line to be apart of something worth living for….the kingdom of God!

Dear Lord,
Please help us to not be afraid of the unknown and let go of our comfortable lives and step out and chase after what you have destined for our lives. We like to know what’s going to happen, where were going to go and what were going to do and to not know can be scary at times. But peace comes with knowing that our lives are in your hands and the plans you have for us are greater and more fulfilling than we could ever imagine. There should be nothing scary about that!  Amen!

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  1. Hi Krista,
    Thanks for stopping by. I love this review. I've never heard of the author but I think this is a book I need to add to my list of must reads. Thanks for sharing.